United Nations Department of Public Information (UNDPI)

Association with the United Nations Department of Pubic Information (UNDPI) formalized AAII‘s commitment to disseminate information and raise public awareness about the work of the United Nations. AAII’s humanitarian concerns regarding health, education, empowerment of women, protection of children, alleviation of hunger and poverty and promotion of peace reflect the concerns of the United Nations. Sharing information about UN efforts to address these concerns was a natural outgrowth of AAII’s own work.

AAII has been an active partner with the United Nations Information Center (UNIC) in Dakar, Senegal, sponsoring meetings that bring together diverse local NGOs to inform them of the work, issues and programs of the UN and to give them a voice during the Annual UNDPI/NGO Conference in New York. AAII brings the recommendations generated by more than sixty Senegalese NGOs during these pre-Conference meetings in Dakar to the UN NGO Executive Committee for inclusion in its Annual Report. AAII international delegations attend the Annual UNDPI/NGO Conference each year.

AAII has assumed a leadership role in the campaign for the “Scholarization of Girls” through seminars, conferences, interviews and public service announcements that encourage families to educate their daughters. Similar AAII initiatives in support of UN goals have been successful in promoting breast feeding, family planning and making female genital mutilation a crime in Senegal, punishable by imprisonment. The resulting legislation was, in large part, the result of AAII‘s proactive role in bringing attention to the practice and its negative consequences for girls and women.

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