Shaykh Tidiane Ali Cisse is the President of the African American Islamic Institute (AAII). He assumed the presidency following the passing of AAII’s Founder and Chairman in August, 2008.

Shaykh Tidiane Ali Cisse was born on September 22, 1955 in Kaolack, Senegal, the grandson of Shaykh Al-Islam Ibrahima Niass and the son of Seydi Ali Cisse and Seyda Fatimata Zahra Niass .He received his religious and academic education in Senegal and Egypt, and in 1985  studied English in the United States. He is fluent in Arabic, French, English, Hausa and Wolof.  His educational accomplishments include:

  • M.A. Islamic Theology, Azhar University,  Egypt
  • BA Arabic Language, Azhar University  Egypt (5th in class)
  • Diploma in Arabic Lanuage, Azhar Preparatory School, Egypt (1st in class)
  • Completion of  study of Islamic Sciences with  Shaykh al-Islam Ibrahim Niass
  • Completion of study of  Islamic Sciences with Seydi Aliune Cisse
  • Completed Memorization of the Qur’an

Shaykh Tidiane Ali Cisse brings a distinguished background in religious leadership, international  business and diplomacy to the presidency of AAII.

  • 2008: Chief Imam, the Grand Mosque of Medina-Baye
  • 2008: President, African American Islamic Institute (AAII)
  • 2006-Present: Special Missions Ambassador and Cabinet Member for His Excellency Mr. Abdulaye Wade. In this capacity, Shaykh Cisse is responsible for diverse missions to the United States, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and numerous sub-Saharan African nations.
  • 2001-Present: CEO of import/export companies
  • 1981-2001 Diverse responsibilities in the service of Islam, to include teaching Islam in the United States and Nigeria, participating in Islamic conferences, granting interviews on Islamic topics, participating in religious debates, reviewing Islamic literature and editing and publishing  the writings of Shaykh Ibrahim Niass.

In 1993, Shaykh Tidiane Ali Cisse was awarded the Republic of Senegal’s Presidential Lion’s Award, “Orde du Merite”.

Shaykh Tidiane Ali Cisse was the adviser and close confidant of his brother, Shaykh Hassan Ali Cisse, upon whose passing he immediately undertook responsibility for  the imamate of the Grand Mosque of Medina-Baye and  leadership of AAII  to assure a smooth transition. Based upon his education, professional background, Islamic knowledge and character  AAII has acquired a highly qualified chief executive.

As President of AAII, Shaykh Tidiane Cisse shares the vision of its Founder/Chairman and is committed to AAII’s mission and priorities. . Under his able leadership, AAII will strengthen its strategic partnerships and pursue new ones to increase its capacity to develop innovative initiatives for universal education, access to health care, empowerment of women, protection of children, alleviation of hunger and poverty, and promotion of peace.

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