The African American Islamic Institute (AAII) African Children’s Medical Network project arranged for a 16 year old Senegalese girl with severe upper orthopedic deformities to receive pro bono care at the Shriners’ Hospital for Children in Springfield, Massachussettes.  In addition to arranging the medical care, AAII found a Senegalese host family to accommodate the patient and her adult traveling companion for the six month stay in the United States from June 4-November 25, 2009.

The team of physicians at the Shriners’ Hospital for Children determined that surgery would not be in the best interest of the patient, and opted instead to provide passive prosthetics and occupational therapy to increase the number of daily living tasks she can perform independently.

AAII’s African Children’s Medial Network project continues to develop relationships with medical institutions to provide pro bono medical interventions for children whose conditions require care not available in their home countries, or that are so expensive as to not be feasible.  In order to do so, AAII contnues to seek support for the African Children’s Medical Network project to cover the cost of airfare, visa application fees and support for the child and accompanying adult while they are in the United States.

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