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Al Fayda Radio FM is a media project of the African American Islamic Institute (AAII), in cooperation with Voice of America (VOA). Al Fayda Radio FM broadcasts to an international audience from its studio in Kaolack, Senegal.

The mission of Al Fayda Radio FM is to provide programming that demonstrates the true nature of Islam as a religion of peace and compassion. . In addition to its religious broadcasts, Al Fayda Radio FM features programs designed to promote literacy, support maternal and child health, encourage protection of the environment and inform listeners of the political, social and economic issues affecting their lives and the lives of future generations.

Al Fayda Radio FM was originally established as Radio Medina Baye on August 4, 2004 in accordance with Ministerial Decision No.01267/MIEPTIC/ DIRCOM/SP as a community radio station. The mission of Radio Medina Baye was to provide educational and religious programming and positive entertainment to Kaolack and its surrounding communities. News programs were broadcast in Wolof, French and English.

On June 18, 2008, Al Fayda Radio FM was officially inaugurated as an international radio station that will broadcast an enhanced line up of religious, social and news oriented programs. Al Fayda Radio FM will produce original programs, as well as rebroadcast relevant Voice of America (VOA) programs in Wolof, Peul, Hausa, French and English. The station continues its tradition of providing positive entertainment and strengthening the bonds of friendship between Senegal and the United States, and among people of various faith traditions around the world.

Al Fayda Radio FM programs are available live on the Internet to listeners all over the globe.

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