In an effort to introduce the work of the Shifa-Al-Asqam  Socio
Medical Center to a broader audience and keep the Center’s partners
and supporters informed of its activities, AAII’s President, Imam
Cheikh Tidiane Cisse, authorized the development of a new website
for the Center. 

On October 13, 2010, the new Shifa-Al Aqsam Socio Medical Center
Website was launched at http://shifaalasqam.org

In a telephone interview, Dr. Karimah Joseph, Medical Director of
the Shifa-al-Asqam Socio Medical Center, talked about  the Center’s

AAII N&V: What services does the Center offer?

DR. JOSEPH: The Center provides preventive health care in the
form of prenatal and obstetrical services, early childhood
examinations and immunizations, patient education, as well as
 24 hr. urgent care for injured or critically ill patients.

AAII N&V: What would  you say has been the Center’s most
significant achievement since it began serving this medically
underserved community in the mid 1990’s?

DR. JOSEPH:  Clearly, the significant reduction in maternal
and infant mortality rates in the Kaolack Region has been the
Center’s most significant achievement. We have also made
important strides in improving infectious and chronic disease
outcomes for our patients.

AAII N&V:  To what do you attribute the success of the Center
in carrying out its mission?

DR. JOSEPH:  In addition to the vision of its founder and the
dedication of its staff, a large measure of the Center’s success
is due to its collaborative relationships with local, national and international partners. In addition, an international volunteer
 base  continues to make meaningful contributuons to the
achievement of our goals.

AAII N&V: How can people who wish to support the work of
the Shifa al-Asqam Socio Medical Center contribute?

DR. JOSEPH: Those wishing to contribute to our work can
do so by making a donation to AAII’s PayPal account on
www.aaii.info  and specifying it is for the Shifa al-Aqsam
Socio Medical Center.

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