Alleviation Of Hunger And Poverty

AAII recognizes that poverty is the leading cause of death as a result of a lack of clean drinking water, adequate nutrition and basic health. AAII has developed the following initiatives to address the needs of the rural poor in the Kaolack Region of Senegal.

  • AAII’s Maida Food Distribution Network provides rice, millet, sugar and powdered milk to families throughout the region whose limited resources put them at risk for prolonged hunger.
  • AAII’s Badr Well Digging Project increases access to clean drinking water in rural communities through the strategic digging of wells.
  • AAII’s Kossi-Atlanta Water Project was established in 1996 to distribute potable water to 15 villages in rural Senegal. A significant aspect of the Project informs communities about the procedures and benefits of maintaining safe water supplies. The Project works in conjunction with AAII’s Badr Well Digging Project to dig new wells in other rural communities.

Poverty impacts every aspect of people’s lives, to include access to adequate housing, education, and health care. In an effort to develop the capability of thousands of rural families living in extreme poverty to improve their quality of life, AAII initiated the Kossi Atlanta Rural Development Project. To ease the impact of inadequate housing, poor living conditions and inefficient service delivery systems, the Project focuses on:

  • Low Cost Housing Development
  • Land and Infrastructure Development
  • Education and Adult Literacy
  • Primary and Reproductive Health Care
  • Agricultural Development as a Source of Food and Income
  • Micro Credit Opportunities

Like all of AAII’s programs and projects, the Kossi- Atlanta Rural Development Project is designed with an emphasis on benefits to women and children and has the potential of serving as a model for replication throughout West Africa. To date, AAII has established a Mosque, Qur’anic School and a Shifa-al-Asqam Satellite Clinic and sustainable clean water initiatives in Kossi-Atlanta, Senegal. AAII is seeking organizations, corporations and individuals to partner with us in the development of affordable housing, sustainable farms and other income producing activities through the provision of funding, expertise and technical assistance. For additional information and proposal guidelines, please contact us.

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